This Wood-Clad Home Is Built Into a Serene Mountain Slope

Nestled into the mountainous terrain of Shefford, Québec, this simply constructed residence is elegant and strong in expression.
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Designed by Montreal–based Atelier General Architecture, The Rock derives from the concept of landscape and dwelling as one. 

That said, this dark, wood clad home is designed to look as if it was an extension of the mountain. Resembling the rocky forms that fill the landscape, the sheared shape cantilevers face toward the terrain, landing quietly on slender columns. 

Supported on thin columns, the main volume hovers above the graveled entry, reaching out into the surroundings.

Large openings provide visual connections from all areas of the home, extending the livable space out into nature.

Entered from below, a wood clad staircase leads to the main floor where spaces flow freely under a flat, floating roof with exposed laminated wood structure. In contrast to the exterior, the interior is bright, white, and light-filled. 

The hovered volume places minimal impact on the site, respecting the topography and natural conditions.

The main living areas provide close relation to the site through framed views and interior-to-exterior connections. A wooden terrace, which follows the profile of the topography, draws the occupants out and into the landscape. 

The dark-stained exterior cladding stands in contrast to the light wood decking and warm interiors.

The exterior deck gracefully meanders its way around the rock formations.

Minimalist interiors balance with the activity of the wild landscape. Polished concrete floors, light wood, white walls, black framed windows, and subtle accents create an ideal muted palette for the vegetated setting. 

Large spans of glazing frame views outwards to the surrounding landscape as one circulates through the home.

Through layers of protection and connection provided by glass, screen, openings, and wood, the home seamlessly becomes part of the serene mountain setting. 

The kitchen is framed by two white walls which link to the adjoining spaces.

A customized wine glass and pot holder hangs above the island.

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A custom-designed wooden dining table is surrounded by chairs acquired at Saint-Michel Flea Market in Montreal. IKEA pendant lamps decorate the space.

A Mason Corbeil Sofa provides the perfect lounge setting to relax and enjoy the views of the treetops.

White, hexagon tiles frame the shower and tub in the master bath. On the opposite wall, full-height glazing connects the users directly with the landscape. 

Full-height glazing provides a direct visual connection to the exterior foliage.

A screened-in porch with full-height openings projects into the surrounding landscape. The light wood floors contrast with the dark stained walls and ceiling.

The home appears as if it is carved into the mountainside, serving as one with the trees and rock formations.

A look at the lower-level floor plan, including the main entry, two bedrooms, and a full bath.

Here's the upper-level floor plan that includes the master suite, kitchen, dining area, and living room.

Project Credits

Architect of Record: Atelier General Architecture

Builder / General Contractor: Constructions Bolvin 

Structural Engineer: Lateral 

Lighting Design: Luminaire Authentik 

Interior Design: Atelier General Architecture 

Cabinetry Design / Installation: Ébénisterie Gaston Chouinard


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