This Week's 10 Best Houses

This Week's 10 Best Houses

By Dwell and Matthew Keeshin
From floating student dorms to concrete homes, catch up from the week with these abodes from around the world.

This week we saw not one but two floating homes when browsing online amid sun-kissed landscapes and the Swiss hills. The weekend's almost here, but it's not too late to catch up. 

1.Here Comes the Sun

Via Architizer, photo by Alejandro Arango

This Colombian abode lines up with the landscape to enjoy views from the hills and take in the sun. Designed by plan: b, the firm constructed a spacious home wrapping around the site. In addition to framing scenic views, the sunlight also heats the interior. To maintain just the right amount of light, the perforated metal panels filter it. 

2.When Wood and Metal Make a Worthy Combo

Via Archdaily, photo by © Eik Frenzel

Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten designed this Swiss hills home using a prefabricated timber frame. The facade alternates between wooden slates and a metal alloy made from copper, titanium, and zinc. The undulating roof contains four levels and the interior cabinetry was built to add a sculptural effect by dividing up the spaces into volumes.  

3.If Only Lincoln Logs Could Do This

Via Dezeen, photo by Hausaufmoen

After building for five years, this log-covered home by architect Jan Henrik Jansen is complete and ready for business. The property, owned by Jansen, is available to rent. Named Birkedal, wood details are accented throughout the interior. Each unit that makes up the home is a different height to distinguish the different functions. Each roof collects rainwater and distributes it to the pond located on the property. 

4.Swept Away

Via Inhabitat

Formerly a water cistern in Madird, this striking family home by Valdivieso Arquitectos rejuvenates the land. The curved glass exterior leads to a patio and it's hard to imagine its original utilitarian past. 

5.Victorian in the Front, Modern in the Back

Via Nic Owen Architects, photo by Christine Francis

While the front of this Australian might be traditional, it is modern all the way to the back. Nic Owen Architects transformed a Victorian house by removing an old extension and updating the structure with an open space. By blending the kitchen and living room together, the renovation creates a connection between the interior and the backyard. 

6.Not Your Typical Student Dorm

Via Urban Rigger

Composed of several shipping crates, this floating student housing project by Bjarke Ingels makes us want to apply to college again. Developed to provide affordable student housing, this the first Urban Rigger completed. Founder Kim Loudrup hopes to build more sustainable solutions to accommodate students. 

7.A Lot of Color Goes a Long Way

Via NOWNESS, video by Barbara Anastacio. 

If the parrot wasn't any indication, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac likes bold forms and colors. On NOWNESS, filmmaker Barbara Anastacio takes a tour of the designer's vibrant apartment. Known for blurring the lines between art and fashion, de Castelbajac's home reflects his signature aesthetic. 

8.Instagram Inspiration 

Via Disc Interiors 

The LA-based studio Disc Interiors creates warm yet minimal projects and this Silver Lake home exemplifies that honed palette. The studio's Instagram account is a constant source of dreamy colors and often features modern classics in crisp, contemporary interiors. 

9.Concealed and Concrete  

Via designboom, photo by Koji Okamoto

The recently completed Y9 House by Architect Show sculpts out a lot in Japan for privacy. The windows located on the side of the top volume are small cut outs meant for taking in enough light while keeping the homeowners concealed. The overall structure is defined by a concrete core that extends through the roof. While on the inside, movable partitions make the home a versatile and flexible space.  

10.Rock Yourself to Sleep in This Tiny Boathouse

Via Curbed

Love tiny spaces and houseboats? This floating home is both. Curbed recently spent a night in "The Otter House," a 58-square-foot rental on Airbnb for a weekend away in Colonial Beach outside of Washington, D.C. 


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