This Vineyard Hideout Is One With the Land—Literally

This Vineyard Hideout Is One With the Land—Literally

By Dwell
Rammed-earth construction fuses this Portuguese house to the environment.

On an agricultural estate in Portugal, Blaanc Studio designed a simple retreat that does its utmost not to interfere with the scenic backdrop.

Asked to find an ecologically sustainable building solution, Blaanc turned to a vernacular building technique that still thrives in certain pockets of rural Portugal, rammed earth.

The material was gathered from soil with high sand content on the property as well as a second site in the vicinity. Certain volumes of the home consist of a concrete structure and brick masonry.

Known for its thermal properties, rammed earth helps maintain a mild temperature all-year-long. A large fireplace is used to warm the living area in winter.

A flat roof and all-white interior unifies the home's three volumes.

The interior showcases the roof's laminated wood beams. A Panton chair takes the seat of honor at the dining table.

Scattershot openings in the single-story home omit a soft glow at dusk.


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