This Zero-Energy Passive Mobile Prefab Was Partially 3D Printed

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A Ukranian company has recently launched the world's first autonomous mobile prefabricated homes.

PassivDom, a new prefab startup based in the Ukraine, recently revealed modulOne, a mobile prefab that acts as a completely self-sufficient Autonomous Unit.

The module comes equipped with furniture, appliances, a built-in kitchen, bathroom (toilet, sink, shower), a heating and cooling system, and a smart-air ventilation system with oxygen-level control—all of which can be managed by the use of a smartphone. The home includes a self-sufficient power system (solar panels, batteries, inverters), and an independent water supply system that includes water storage, a purification system, and independent sewage. Water can also be collected and filtered from humidity in the air, or added separately. They even offer a "Zombie Apocalypse" upgrade package that comes with armored glazing, an alarm system, and a bible—just in case. 

3D printers are used to manufacture the house's frame, creating the walls, roof, and the fundamental platform. The rest of the home, such as windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems, are then added to the frame by hand. 

With ecologically-clean solar energy and a self-sufficient power system, PassivDom claims to meet all the requirements for certification of residential buildings by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany.

The house doesn't require a foundation and you don't need to connect to external electrical and plumbing systems. This technically makes it possible to live completely off the grid. The Autonomous house is 387 square feet and costs $67,138 to preorder.