This Metallic Office Space in Munich Is an Underground Party Waiting to Happen

The renovated basement has curtains made of shiny bubble wrap, steel grate catwalks, and reflective surfaces everywhere.

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Project Details:

Location: Munich, Germany

Architect: Buero Wagner

Footprint: 1,507 square feet

From the Architect: "The continuing demand for new space in Munich is increasing the pressure on existing buildings in particular. The potential for densification, by means of roof extensions and additional stories, is either already almost exhausted or limited by the authorities. In the search for further densification, basement floors are increasingly coming into focus. In London, this trend has been evident for decades.

"In this office conversion in Munich, the basement was opened up and connected to the first floor via an air space. The new unit can be accessed via fixtures made of galvanized steel gratings. Windows were extended into the basement to provide adequate lighting. Silver curtains made of aluminum vapor barriers on the back conceal the kitchen, storage shelves, as well as the passages to the toilet and to the storage rooms. At the same time, the reflective surfaces help to relax the existing lighting situation. Curtains made out of bubble wrap provide privacy while allowing sufficient light to come into the interior. The building stock was preserved as far as possible and only the surfaces were refurbished."


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