This London Prefab Made of 7 Modules Was Raised in Just One Day

Located on a site where two obsolete garages formerly stood is a 935-square-foot prefab home in London's borough of Richmond.

Designed by London-based practice RDA Architects in collaboration with prefab and modular builders Boutique Modern, the building is clad in Shou Sugi Ban timber with fit-outs selected by the owner.

The foundation was laid out on-site as the modules were being constructed in Boutique Modern's factory. 

Because of local road transport restrictions, modular construction in the U.K. is limited with regards to the number of modules that can be prefabricated and delivered to a site. 

To overcome these restrictions, the main living space was constructed with four modules so that it could be delivered from the factory to the site in one trip. 

The two modules used for the bottom section of the living area were constructed without ceilings while the top two modules were made without floors. 

When assembled on-site, the four modules came together to provide a dramatic lofted ceiling in the main living room. 

The house is equipped with a wet underfloor-heating system and is fitted with acoustic lining and sound-resistant windows to prevent noise pollution. 

The house has an open-plan living area, kitchen, and dining room, as well as two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a utility area, bike storage space, and a sun-drenched courtyard. Boutique Modern worked closely with the owner to design all the interior fit-outs and furniture.

"We have a versatile build system, which allows us to construct one-off modules easily and affordably. Boutique Modern’s build system is hand-built by skilled workers, which sets us apart from many modular manufacturers who build using machinery that can't be reset to produce one-off buildings," says Lucas Shone, Project Development Manager of Boutique Modern. 

Project Credits: 

- Architecture: RDA Architects

- Builder, interior design, cabinetry, and structural engineering: Boutique Modern 

- Civil engineering: Leon Clark of Smallville Builders 


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