This Awesome Software Converts the Music of the Beatles and Queen Into Textile Patterns

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By Heather Corcoran
British designer Nadia-Anne Ricketts spins sound waves into graphic textiles.

What does your favorite song look like? BeatWoven, the music-inspired textile line by London-based designer Nadia-Anne Ricketts, might just have the answer.

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This Awesome Software Converts the Music of the Beatles and Queen Into Textile Patterns - Photo 1 of 1 -

BeatWoven’s DreaMelody: Patterns in Play collection features designs derived by custom software from musical patterns in iconic British pop songs, including Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles. The large cushion with piping is $450; small pillows are $300.

"It’s bizarre, but I always get a bit of a color palette in my head when I hear music," says Ricketts, who transforms songs into silk using a proprietary software that helps her visualize sound. From there, the designer intuitively adds color and edits the patterns before they’re woven on digital jacquard looms at a British silk mill that dates back to the 18th century. 

"I usually think of an interior story and then choose music that fits within that story," says Ricketts of her audiovisual inspirations. British pop music served as the starting point for the collection she debuted stateside at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and she is currently working on a new line inspired by jazz, as well as private commissions. Think of it as music for your eyes. 

Below, watch a video to see the looms in action and hear Ricketts discuss the motivation behind the company.