The Venerable Baron Fig

The Venerable Baron Fig

By Jonathan Simcoe
Baron Fig's expanding product line has made serious inroads at producing top-quality tools for the creative class in ways that are fresh and approachable.

Some of my most deep and personal memories are recorded in a Baron Fig Confidant notebook. That was never my intention but it became the notebook I carried with me that every memory, note, and stray thought went into.

Recently, in a hurried reply to a random email mistake from Baron Fig, I connected with CEO and co-founder Joey Cafone. The conversation led to him sending me some of the latest Baron Fig tools, the Archer pencil and kit, and the finally-back-in-stock Charcoal Confidant.

I already own several gray Confidant notebooks and a Slate Guardian cover. I have long been a fan of Baron Fig and what they are doing to empower creativity for designers and thinkers.

Their latest creations deepen their product line and push forward the ability for creatives to solve complex challenges effortlessly.

* * *

The Archer Pencil

As much as I love a good pen, there is something timeless about holding a wooden pencil. Especially one with no eraser. That kind of opinionatedness goes against the grain of much of how products and created, marketed, and sold in the 21st Century.

The Archer is light to hold and flows beautifully on the Confidant's silky, gridded paper.

The Archer has a light, balanced feeling that feels effortless to hold yet is solid enough to feel sturdy while writing, drawing, and sketching. In some ways after use it begins to disappear, allowing ideas to flow unencumbered without having to think about what you're holding.

This is the true genius of the product. It is a beautiful tool that gets in the background quickly, allowing ideas and thoughts to sit in the foreground of the creative process.

Also the lack of eraser is purposeful in that it invites you to not keep things too exacting. Sketching furiously and loosely is encouraged. Keeping things moving forward is an intentional decision that moves redaction to the background. Again, this tool is all about focus.

Charcoal Confidant

As stated above, the Confidant notebook is a great solid companion piece that is perfect for everyday carry. Also, it has the perfect size: not too big, not too small. It sits somewhere squarely in the middle.

The grid is nice as a guide but it light enough that it doesn't distract from recording ideas or more freeform sketching and ideating.

The one improvement it brings over the original gray cover is that it is more impervious to stains and dirt because of it's darker color.

The Confidant's bright yellow ribbons gives a burst of energy to Baron Fig's otherwise subdued color palette.

* * *

Special Projects

Lastly I want to link to a few special new products that Baron Fig has recently launched that would all make great gifts for the creative or thinker.

The Black Box

A mystery limited-edition Vanguard.

Work/Play II

A black Confidant with Dot Grid paper on the left and Blank paper on the right. 

Deluxe Starter Kit

A Guardian, Confidant, and writing utensil of your choosing.


I hope you enjoy Baron Fig's tools for creative thinkers as much I have. I'm excited for whatever they unveil next.


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