The Third and The Seventh
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The Third and The Seventh

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By Sarah Rich
Late last week I was preparing to blog about this short film by Alex Roman, and clearly so were lots of other people, judging by the fact that today Roman's dedicated site,, is now forwarding viewers directly to Vimeo to see his new motion picture (presumably due to overload on the home site from all those excited archophiles). So this week I'd simply like to point it out to those of you who haven't yet seen it.

The 12.5-minute movie is CG-animated, running a slow visual survey of some iconic buildings, including Louis Kahn's Exeter Library and Tadao Ando's Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum. The animation is so pristinely done that the comment section beneath Roman's video has drawn some vehement doubters who simply can't believe it's CGI (followed by equally vehement defenders of the artist's skill). There is a shorter film demonstrating some of the breakdown and process of putting the animation together, which can be found here.

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