The Sheep Who Made Your Pouf

The Sheep Who Made Your Pouf

By Sarah Rich
The stream of amazing projects that emerge from students at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands is never-ending. This week I've come across one from an alum of the school who has spent the last few years producing work related to the output and lifecycle of livestock. Christien Meindertsma spent a summer in a village in Wales, shearing sheep and knitting with their wool—one article or product per animal. The resulting collection became a brand called Flocks, the ongoing product of which is the Urchin Pouf.

In addition to shearing and spinning in Wales, Meindertsma found her way to an education in felting wool among the craftsmen of Kyrgyzstan. The thick, dense strands make perfect material for the heavy knit of the Flock's pouf. The poufs, as well as the sweaters, mittens and hats produced by Flocks all come with an identity card that features a photo of the sheep from whom the wool came, the date of shearing, the animal's origin and breed, and how much wool its coat yielded.

Following the stint with sheep, Meindertsma embarked on adventures with pigs, which are the subject of a new book [which I can't wait to get my hands on] called Pig 05049 (which I discovered on Core77's fantastic holiday gift guide). Meindertsma lives and works in Rotterdam.


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