The Power of Design That is Snøhetta

The Power of Design That is Snøhetta

By Nikki Janda / Published by Nikki Janda
Snøhetta, a full service design and architecture firm, has been recognized by Architect's Newspaper for its expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), as "Best Building of the year...".

This massive architecture and design project closed the SFMOMA's doors for three years, and it was well worth the wait upon the grand opening May 14, 2016.  Snøhetta delivered exactly what the firm visioned for this massive project, by making the museum more interactive while preserving the original 1995 design of architect Mario Botta.

The original design of Mario Botta still boasts throughout the magnificent rotunda with natural light hailing down into the oculus.  A stairwell winding up along the side, allows for intimate views through the oculus.

Snøhetta's Scandinavian touch can be seen throughout the new wing and floors of the SFMOMA, providing clean, minimal interiors that focus on visitor movement, the Museum's art and natural light.

The third floor pays homage to Snøhetta's vision, showing rendered models and the firm's A to Z design behavior of the expansion project.  Meanwhile, one can also enjoy coffee at SightGlass located on the same floor.

Throughout the 10 story expansion, Snøhetta's fresh design gives us permission to feel comfortable, to bring our families, and to stay and wander and explore!

The new lobby extends to provide a new entrance on Howard Street, San Francisco, and showcasing the beautiful interactive art of Richard Serra.


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