The Multi-Faceted Nature of a Wet Room

The Multi-Faceted Nature of a Wet Room

Remodelling your bathroom into a wet room offers you a number of capabilities that other bathroom designs do not. Turn your room into an in-home Turkish bath now.
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Considering remodelling your bathroom and don’t know what to do? Since you’re already on the lookout for something new why not consider a wet room? A wet room is the in-home version of a Turkish bath. While you won’t have expansive pools to warm your guests in every time they visit, you will have a unique room that satisfies your checklist and more. 

 Open Room 

With wet rooms, smaller bathrooms just get bigger and large bathrooms larger. In order to create a wet room you’ll need to get rid of dividers, floor mats, and anything else that might congest the room. While spaces like bedrooms can require the need to fill blank space, an open-space wet room requires minimalism. This means that there is no need to purchase accessories for the room. 

 Steam Room 

For wet rooms to function properly the entire bathroom needs to be resistant to moisture; in order to avoid mould. Once this is accomplished your new room can also double as a steam room. In order to create a smaller steam room you can equip your bathroom with a small enclosure. If you intend to turn your entire room into a stream room or make it steam room-capable just be sure to purchase multiple drains

 Tile Appeal

 Using tiles in your home never makes more sense than when they’re in your bathroom. In a room where water reigns supreme, tiles are a must. You were probably considering purchasing some for your bathroom so here’s that added incentive to go all out. If you have any experience laying your own tile – or even if you have Youtube handy – you can undertake the project yourself. Just be sure you have all the right equipment before starting. 

 Easy Access 

 Wet rooms are flush with the bathroom floor, and can therefore be accessible to anyone with trouble with getting around. The disabled and elderly may find them far easier to use than a standard shower. 

 With all the unique advantages of having a wet room you and your family will reap the benefits long after you’ve made the switch.  



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