The Mattress Company That Lets You Be Your Own Expert

The Mattress Company That Lets You Be Your Own Expert

In today’s trade and consumer markets, many believe that sleep-deprived customers have begun to dismiss the traditional mattress shopping approach, in exchange for a more convenient and customized online experience.
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Two such devotees are David and Shannon Farley, the father-daughter team that founded Luxi just a couple of years ago. As an online mattress retailer and manufacturer, they carefully dictate every step along the supply and production chains—from design and material sourcing, to American manufacturing, shipping, and packaging. In order to be at the forefront of this movement, they’ve developed a design that’s governed by the belief that you shouldn’t be locked down by your mattress. Intrigued by this idea, we had to learn more.

As the only three-in-one adjustable mattress that you can modify yourself in the comfort of your home, Luxi's product is built to sit on the floor, a box spring, a slatted base, or a platform. This way, you're not tied down to any specific foundation.

Luxi believes that customers have the right to develop a lasting relationship with their mattress that can be modified over the years. In order to create the best possible product, they produce one type of mattress with three configurations that can be changed anytime—that is, soft, medium, or firm. This adjustment can be made yourself by unzipping the mattress, splitting open the four layered pieces, and flipping them over. You can even customize one side of the mattress separately if your partner prefers a different sleeping setup. For even more options, the Farley team works directly with customers to create custom configurations if special needs arise over the years.

After the design was perfected, sourcing high-quality raw materials was the next step to creating their ideal product. Luxi utilizes industry certified components including memory foam with extreme durability and airflow. The bottom half of the mattress is covered by a sturdy woven material while the top half is made up of a quilted stretch knit cover that provides a cooling layer of plushness. Finally the two sides are connected by the secret ingredient—the zipper.

When a Luxi mattress is ordered online, it’s delivered straight to your door in a box that’s surprisingly manageable in size. As soon as it’s removed and rolled out, the decisions are then up to you. Take a look at these images to learn more about the innovative technology that goes into the design, as well as what you can expect when you receive a Luxi package at your front door.   

One of the key elements hidden within the mattress is their Support Balancing Technology, which is formed from functional shapes that enhance the feel of the surrounding memory foam and  latex layers. Shown here is a close-up shot of the (patent) pending design, which helps ensure proper air flow and resists body impressions. This special SBT layer mimics the enhanced softness of memory foam without the confinement and sagging that conventional constructions are known for.

When a Luxi mattress is delivered to your door, it's held within a convenient box and carefully rolled up in a protective wrap.

The next step is to unroll the mattress—and it's ready to go. After opening the package and placing it where desired, the only thing left to do is unzip it and adjust the layers to your preference.

The final result is a specialized mattress that ensures body alignment, minimal motion transfer, and edge support. Adjustments can also improve your sleep based on certain seasonal conditions. A firmer setting ensures a cooler surface for the summer months, while a softer configuration creates a warmer surface, ideal for chilly winter nights.

The comfort of the mattress is made possible by the internal structure that's made up of a keen layering of special materials, all pieced together in Luxi's American manufacturing facility. From top to bottom, these layers include latex, memory foam, their Support Balancing Technology foam, and a breathable urethane foam base. It's then all wrapped together by a sock covering, keeping it tailored and clean.



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