The Linden Hotel

The Linden Hotel

If you find yourself entering East New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, like most other airports an expressway and industrial buildings will be first to greet you. Thoughtful modern architecture, however, will not—that is until Lang Architecture's Linden Hotel ends completion in Fall 2009, transforming the currently small, forgettable, and dreary site into something with more sunlight and affordable cheer.
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The hotel program is to provide budget accommodations for travelers. But the building promises to do more than that, with early models depicting the invitation of sunlight through an atrium traversed by stairs and bridges. The building skin too—intermittently transparent, translucent, and opaque—will coax the sun through its polycarbonate and expanded metal mesh system. There will be thirty rooms.

The developer expects the ambitious design to allow the hotel to stand out from the competition and attract "neighborhood vacationers".


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