The Everyday Carry of an Architect: Dan Weber

The Everyday Carry of an Architect: Dan Weber

By Paige Alexus
"Innovation is a continuous process...

...These tools help us keep our ideas fresh and focused as a project evolves." - Dan Weber

What you need to know about Dan: 

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Dan Weber Architecture is made up of a collaborative team that relies on its entrepreneurial spirit. They take on a range of projects including interior design, hospitality, custom residential, and urban infill—among many others. Dan has become close to the Santa Barbara community and has dedicated his work to enriching the quality of life for locals. He believes in leveraging design and modern urbanism to address issues such as the need for sustainable, affordable, and multigenerational housing and communal spaces. His true passion lies in creating engaging environments and solving community challenges.

1. Plans: "Pretty much everywhere I go, I’m hauling around a couple rolls of drawings for design meetings, site visits, and presentations."

2. Trace paper and markers: "We use rolls and rolls of trace paper. It’s a big part of our concept level design work and idea generation. Our presentation-quality renderings are done on trace paper with pens and markers."

  • Note: Shown here is a sketch of the midcentury modern clubhouse he designed with Neil Dipaola for the newest AutoCamp location in Sonoma County. Learn more about the project here

3. Foam modeling blocks: "Some of our larger urban mixed-use projects involve complicated programming challenges. So, we developed a modeling technique to quickly mass and program complex projects using foam blocks. It’s our secret weapon."

4. Black comb binding notebook: "This is probably my number one most critical tool—it comes with me everywhere. I have shelves full of used notebooks like this."

5. iPhone 6s Plus: "With the amount of time I read and write emails on the phone, I decided to get the big one. I’m also constantly sharing images of projects with clients or posting them on Instagram, so the huge display is great."

6. Persol sunglasses: "These have a timeless design. They were a gift from a client."

7. Handlebar coffee: "It's from our local coffee shop. I have it at least three times per day."

8. Make Smith leather wallet: "Make Smith is a local leather craftsman."

9. Google Cardboard glasses: "Google Cardboard virtual reality goggles allow us to walk through digital models of projects with our clients—super cool."

10. SeaVees shoes: "SeaVees is another local company with a classic California-inspired style."

Keep up with Dan's work by following his Dwell profile here.


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