The Everyday Carry of a Creative Duo: Early Work

The Everyday Carry of a Creative Duo: Early Work

By Paige Alexus
Early Work is driven by an instinct to subtract and simplify. These are the tools that Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz turn to when realizing their visions on a daily basis.

Meet Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz.

What you need to know about Early Work

Formerly known as Brook&Lyn, Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz make up this creative studio that's based in Los Angeles. The team partners with retail, corporate, and hospitality clients to create curated spaces and environments that celebrate beauty and simplicity—which also includes designing and building custom furniture and fixtures. While Brian leads the production process while collaborating with a network of skilled craftsmen, Mimi also spends her time as an artist—creating woven environments, wall pieces, and other textured constructions. 

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Ratchet Tie-Downs:  "We prototype 90 percent of everything we design before handing it off to expert craftsmen for production. These tie-downs help the work go faster when getting lumber, metal stock, and foam core back to our studio."

AIAIAI Pipe Earphones in Petrol:  "We’re currently working with clients in Australia, NYC, and San Francisco—which means we’re on the phone a lot. The cables on these Danish-designed earphones have a super subtle gradient colorway—and they’re tangle free!" 

Soft Laptop Case: "Designed by Tumi for Opening Ceremony, it has a T-pass for airport security, and one simple divider that keeps my clipboard, pens, and tape from scratching my Macbook."

Tape Measure:  "At any given time, we have three tape measures on us: one for accuracy, one for great lengths, and one that we know we’re going to lose on-site." 

Classic Wallet by Comme des Garçons:  "I'm still trying really hard to break the leather in." 

Audi Q5:  "Our studio is based in LA, so we spend 50 percent of our time in the car going from client meetings to site visits. The Q5 is fast, comfortable, and the only SUV with a roof rack that doesn’t make the car ugly." 

Roasted Seaweed:  "Fast food is everywhere in LA. These portable packs of roasted seaweed keep us honest."

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee:  "We just signed on to design an Australian coffee shop in DTLA, so this will probably be our last one—but I don’t know how we’d get anything done on the go without these."

Mimi and Brian worked with Australian retailer Bassike to design their first international location.

They also built custom tables for General Assembly in Atlanta. 

Keep up with Mimi and Brian by following their profile here, and let us know in the comments if you'd like to be featured as our next Everyday Carry.


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