Talking Design: with Joan Rojeski Studio

The popular Sticky Notes were launched alongside our Daily Fiction collection. We met the designers of the Sticky Notes: the Spanish creative agency Joan Rojeski Studio, who are located in Spain, just North of Valencia.

Joan Rojeski Studio is a design agency that creates solutions spanning across product, graphic and web design. Their creations underlie a design process they created themselves, to reach innovative solutions that take every detail into account. Meet Kike, Anna, Rosa and Jordi, the four designers, who together form Joan Rojeski Studio, for a talk about design! 

What is design to you? 

Design is a creative vision of life. The perfect mixture between creativity and function. The fascination is tied with the surprise when you observe a design and you finally say: of course! the solution was right under our noses.

It is possible to redesign the sticky note? 

Mixing a pinch of origami and imagination, this family of sticky notes allows people to give life and value to a simple paper with notes. A container house, a small notebook, a bag for the shopping list or a courier plane are some of the new features of notes to make your daily life more clever.

The airplane lets your notes fly right over to its recipient. 

Is there a story behind each object? Why a house, a plane, a bag, book and envelope? 

We wanted to create a collection inspired by objects that facilitate communication between people or also individually. Why a home? To leave notes inside it, with an original appearance. 

The plane? Who has not ever sent notes on a paper airplane? It is a tribute to that. The bag: perfect for remembering the shopping list! The book: For those who have more to tell ... 

And the envelope: the most simple and direct. Nice for sharing confidences. The most obvious, but our favorite. :)

It has very playful elements. Who is your audience? 

The audience of Sticky Notes are eager adults that show their creative side through this product. 

What would you write on the Sticky Notes? 

Permanent reminders of those which you do not want to get rid of. We love the value given to the note once it is converted into an object. This plus can make us to finally keep the paper and its message.

The shopping bag for shopping lists and envelope for personal letters.

What was the best Sticky Note you ever received? 

The most peculiar one was to receive a CV in a sticky note format. But, even if it sounds like a cliché, the best are those that send a positive and nice message. 

How would you describe your design approach? 

At Joan Rojeski Studio, we adapt to the company that we are working together with. We respect the company's style on the condition that we can leave our creative imprint. That is the result of focusing the work on concept excellence. In our design philosophy, the conception and the creative stage are as important as the details for the final result.

Is there something or someone you feel especially inspired by? 

Maybe it could be defined through a mood board of words: the team, an observation, the theory of creativity, the environment, the empathy, the surprise, the fun.

The book - for those who have more to say.

 How do you use materials and colors in your designs? 

Materials are conditioned by the projected concept. Colours, on the other hand, have much to do with the business strategy of the client. It is the perfect communion in order to achieve a goal. Only when we use both material and colour as a creative focus, we place them before the very concept.

The Sticky Notes by Joan Rojeski Studio.


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