Take Charge of the New Year With These 8 Organizational Products

Take Charge of the New Year With These 8 Organizational Products

By Paige Alexus / Published by Paige Alexus
This morning on our #ModernMonday chat, Dwell and the community discussed hopes and resolutions for design in the new year.

One of the main topics was organization—and what we can do to begin the year fresh and to keep on top of our busy days. Get started by recruiting tools that will help you lay a clean foundation. Also, take a moment to hear a few tips from our chat this morning and make sure to follow us on Twitter for our next conversation.

@DesignMilk: After taking inventory, I get myself organized and eager to jump in! 

@MarnieOursler: I can't live without my good old-fashioned notebook. I write everything down . If it's not written, it's not happening! 

@Wilson_Lighting: Design is a great tool to organize! Custom storage options, unique shelving, and smart floor plans help keep your home neat.

Cover photo by Martin Tessler

Verpan Barboy Trolley
Verpan’s Barboy is a re-release of Verner Panton’s versatile bar trolley and mobile storage unit from 1963. Made of moulded wood, Barboy consists of four cylindrical elements, two of which swing out to the sides.
Gubi Matégot Coatrack
The Mategot Coat Rack may seem alien upon first sight, but it becomes quite the compelling and eye catching wall furnishing once mounted.

Are you excited to get organized and spiffy for the new year? Let us know how you're getting started in the comments!


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