Swiss Design at Dwell on Design

Swiss Design at Dwell on Design

By Kelsey Keith
It's coming up Swiss at this year's Dwell on Design. On Saturday, June 23rd, we'll be talking to two sets of panelists on the Design Innovation Stage, with additional Swiss handicraft shown on the Demonstration Stage. The occasion? The annual Swiss Design Prize, which honors the "economic and cultural relevance" of young designers' work in Switzerland. Some of this year's winners will be joining us in Los Angeles next weekend, along with Lukas Scherrer, SHIBULERU founder and former senior industrial designer at IDEO. Follow along for some background on our panelists.

In one action-packed hour, we'll delve into two adjacent sides of industrial design: in the first, Christian Kuhn, Benjamin Moser, Nicola Stäubli will consider how young designers incorporate time-honored craft traditions into cutting-edge products and furniture, using aspects of their own work to illustrate (to wit, Stäubli's Reversible chair and a multidisciplinary project by Benjamin Moser and his partner Deborah Biffi called Senior Design Factory, pictured below). 

Winner of the Swiss Design Prize's Market category, the Senior Design Factory pairs the young with the elderly as "partners of equal value" uses design to bridge the age gap, linking generations through social and creative planes. In the studio, designers work with seniors on craft projects, which are then sold in the shop. The build-out also includes a kitchen and workshop space.

In the second chapter, we'll look at how technical innovation drives new techniques for fabrication. From transparent, sound-absorbing acoustic curtains designed by Annette Douglas to a beginner's diving kit by Andreas Pudel, these designers are challenging the status quo of contemporary industrial design. 


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