Stunning Modern 3-D Printed Jewelry

Stunning Modern 3-D Printed Jewelry

By Erika Heet
Designed by Los Angeles architect Jenny Wu, the LACE collection is uniquely geometric.

Jenny Wu, a partner in the firm Oyler Wu Collaborative and a former Dwell on Design artist, has just launched LACE, her first jewelry collection made up of 3-D-printed nylon pieces as well as selections in sterling silver. All belong to the same geometric narrative, and all reference architecture.

The flexible nylon that makes up the Catena necklace has a distinct shimmer to it. “I ended up using SLS [selective laser sintering; a common 3-D process] polished nylon for all of the smaller jewelry pieces, like earrings and rings, and SLS flexible nylon for the necklaces,” says Wu.

"The design of the LACE collection extends the line-based and organic geometry from my architectural work," Wu says. "Each piece weaves together intricate elements to create a jewelry that is spatial and three-dimensional. 3-D printing technology allows me to create interlocking pieces that can be printed as one print rather than multiple prints that need to be assembled afterward."

The Stria necklace.

"In designing all of the pieces, I first try to understand the technology and how to best utilize it to create something unique," Wu continues. "However it was important to find and push the limits of that technology, which was something I was working through during the prototyping stage. Finding the right material was and is still a challenge, but is something that is constantly improving and evolving."

The Tangens necklace, shown in white, has a smooth, bonelike quality.

The Papilio ring retains the same architectural gestures as the nylon pieces, but is rendered in polished sterling silver.

Wu's Orbis earrings, in sterling silver.


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