Studio Visit: The Work of ANDlight

A West Coast lighting company brings LED-powered ideas to the forefront of design.
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Playful, energy-efficient and multifaceted—the work of ANDlight is lighting up commercial and residential spaces across North America. 

ANDlight offers a fresh perspective on lighting design. Made from unconventional materials such as felt, cork, and nylon, their products can be dimmed, tilted, and rearranged. Their tactility, and soft LED glow, is captivating. 

The young Canadian company is the combined talents of industrial designers Lukas Peet and Caine Heintzman, and business director Matt Davis. Together, these creative visions meet to produce a series of versatile, post-modern lighting. Founded in 2012, the trio is quickly gaining momentum, and in 2017, are exhibiting for the first time at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. 

Peet and Heintzman refer to their design as "not sculpture", but functional, decorative lighting. They've cleverly integrated customizable features into each product—like materials that dampen sound, parts that can be tilted, and components that can be mixed and matched. For instance, the Slab is covered in sound-absorbing materials to help lower the acoustic ambience of a room. And Pipeline comprises varying lengths of lines and elbows to allow endless shaping possibilities. 

With innovative artistry, ANDlight transforms a room in more ways than simply lighting it. 

All products are designed and hand-assembled at the ANDlight studio in Vancouver, Canada. 

Heintzman, Davis and Peet sit beneath a Button light in the ANDlight studio. All ANDlight products are designed and hand-assembled in their industrial Vancouver workspace, originally built as a stable in the early century.

The ANDlight studio occupies the ground floor of an expansive industrial space in Vancouver BC. Peet, Heintzman and Davis partitioned the space with fir-framed corrugated plexiglass walls to form a welcoming office space in the front and an industrious workshop in the back.

Spotlight Volumes — Design, Lukas Peet

A pendant light with two shades, made from a combination of four possible shade types. Each end has an LED globe bulb to illuminate both above and below. The electrical cord acts as an additional design feature, wrapping around the midsection and gently curving towards the ceiling. 

Spotlight Volumes — Design, Lukas Peet

The aluminum-spun pendant light can be configured as a table lamp, or hung from the ceiling to shine light from above and below. 

Slab — Design, Lukas Peet

Using a 15mm thick panel of opaque acrylic, the Slab has a subtle but transfixing glow. The sound absorbing face is designed to lower the acoustic ambience of a room by using soft materials—grey, green or yellow felt, and cork.

Slab — Design, Lukas Peet

The Slab 20 is the smallest in the Slab series. It can be configured as a wall mount or as a pendant, hung in singles or multiples.

Pipeline — Design, Caine Heintzman

The Pipeline’s modular design allows endless shaping possibilities. It has a dimmable, linear LED bulb housed in either a black, white, polished aluminum, or copper finish.

Pipeline — Design, Caine Heintzman

The Pipeline's myriad configurations allow it to be suitable as a small accent piece or arranged into a large-scale installation.

Button — Design, Lukas Peet

Aptly named, the Button has a nylon rope threaded through its centre. It emits light through a diffused acrylic face, which can be controlled directionally by tilting it. It’s available as a pendant, wall mount or ceiling mount with variable back face options. 


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