Step Inside Werklab: A Wellness-Focused Coworking Space

Christina Disler transcends the idea of work-life balance through her Vancouver coworking community.
Photos by
Britney Gill

With a yoga studio dubbed the Zen Den, an aromatherapy bar, and sessions on mindfulness, Werklab offers more than a place to plant your laptop. It’s a beautifully designed 12,000 square-foot workspace that encourages members to slow down and do their best work, both inside and out.

It’s situated in a 1920s industrial building with wood beam ceilings, abundant natural light, and a good cross-breeze. Disler drew from the talents of her designer/entrepreneur family, and her background in Human Resources, to transform the previously wall-less storage room into a sanctuary of productivity.

The entrance to Werklab features a custom cork-panel concierge and a hanging glass partition by Yuli Glass—who create permanent glass art using ceramic pigments, tempered glass, and industrial kiln firing in a patent-pending process.

Werklab’s kitchen is a hub of activity that’s minimal on clutter. Stools by Ivy Bronx, dining chairs by Ikea, and Tango café tables by Soho Concept. 

The interior moves from sociable café environments to quiet, distraction-free zones. The open kitchen is the main hub of activity with bar seating, a black quartz island and an espresso bar. Further along are shared desk areas, boardrooms, and a row of private booths. For stationary members, Werklab offers windowed offices with birch plywood walls that reach 30" short of the ceiling to allow airflow, acoustics, and natural light to flow.

Werklab’s shared desk areas, private offices on the left, and windows to the boardroom—with glass artwork by Yuli Glass. Svelti office chairs by Article.

Inside Werklab’s private offices: a Herman Miller chair paired with an Ikea desk.

Werklab’s coolest feature is the Zen Den. It’s a commodious studio with an adjoining lounge and aromatherapy bar. Pilates, yoga, and meditation classes are scheduled daily, as well as lunch-and-learns and special events—ranging from panel talks to sound bath meditations. The studio’s fourth wall is modular, built with wheels so it can close for louder classes and rotate open for larger events.

Small details matter too: nearly 100 houseplants purify the air, innocuous music plays on low, and Vitruvi stone diffusers emit subtle essential oils. The colour palette is neutral and natural— greens, tans, and terracottas against whitewashed walls. It’s all part of an environment that supports what Disler describes as "our different flow states".

Werklab’s Zen Den hosts daily exercise and meditation classes. In this photo, the walls are rotated open as they would be for special events. In the adjoining lounge: Urba coffee table and Cigar sofa by Article.

"We all reach a point where we need to work through a block," she elaborates on the importance of workspace wellness. "Whether it’s to get up and move our body, or just stand at a different height, finding a change in perspective can create a shift in mindset." 

The change rooms and Zen Den at Werklab, a coworking space that's focused on wellness. Daisy lounge chairs and Cigar sofa by Article, wall painting by artist Hi Julez.

Left: Werklab's aromatherapy bar offers a place to recharge with essential oils by Vitruvi.  Right: A sunny seating area, with Clutch chair and Note side table by Blu Dot, Cirrus sofa by Article.

Left: A row of white marble tables by Soho Concept and Ikea chairs along custom banquettes.   Right: Christina Disler, founder of Werklab, believes in a workspace that encourages people to slow down and do the work within. Plant design by Sean Partlow.  

Project Credits:

Design: Christina Disler, Willi Disler, Jamie Gerus

Build: Pacific Pielak Projects

Photos: Britney Gill Photography


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