How can you 
create the personal feeling of a coffee 
shop inside the office? The perfect future model of the office is a place to interact, not to sit in a cubicle all day. The genius of an organization comes out of collaboration.

Steelcase's Dyadic Slice is the two-person version of its Digital Yurt concept: a Corian pod that blocks outside noise and gets brighter when sensors detect hot ideas.

With wireless access you don't need cubicles to distribute power and data. While the office will still be planned 
as a system, the walls will come down and people will move around. Noise 
will be the new secondhand smoke.

Consumer desires are being trans
ferred to the office and we expect a level of sophistication that rivals home 
entertainment technology. That changes the office landscape. Soon we'll be 
surrounded by information. The halls will be lined with displays. The ways 
we get content and connect with others 
will become far more architectural.

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