A New Line of Star Wars Furniture Lets You Rule the Galaxy—From Your Living Room

Renowned Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue has joined forces with Disney in his new deep-space furniture collection.

Film-franchise memorabilia has always been a substantial facet of the movie biz, padding box office sales and satisfying pop-culture cravings of the outer realms of fandom. To take licensing just one step further—and in an entirely new direction—Filipino industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue has partnered with Disney and Lucas Films to create high-end furniture inspired by the Star Wars galaxy. 

At Salon Del Mobile in April, Cobonpue revealed pieces that play to both sides of the Force: lamps and pendants comprising linked mini Jedi Knight figurines; TIE fighter lounge chairs and side tables; a Sith Lord chair resembling Darth Sidious; a shagged, bandoliered Wookie rocker; and a Darth Vader easy chair from which "you can plan your next scheme to conquer the Rebel Alliance." 

The Vader Easy Chair features a foldable swivel table and an open-weave canopy in a blend of business and pleasure. 

Designing the line was a welcome yet trying challenge for the Maison et Object Designer of the Year Awardee, who’s been a fan of the franchise since childhood.

"I wasn’t sure how to marry my design philosophy and language with that of the Star Wars franchise, but I decided to view it simply as a design challenge," says Cobonpue. "I knew I needed to incorporate the various shapes and motifs from the world of Star Wars sufficiently enough to make them recognizable, but to also stop short of being too literal. Finding that balance proved to be the project’s biggest challenge for me." 

The Darth Sidious Easy Chair's raised back resembles a hood, and captures the Sith Lord's "powerful and formidable presence."

The Little Jedi Hanging Lamp features miniature Jedi Knights with LED light sabers, conveying a message of positive power through unity.

Though not yet available online, pieces are available from select dealers and retail anywhere from $1,345 to $2,800. Follow #woveninthestars on Twitter for more. Nerds, rejoice.

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