Standolyn Robertson Reviews 5 Closet Systems

Standolyn Robertson Reviews 5 Closet Systems

Our homes generally celebrate design you can see, but throw open the closet doors and behold a new frontier. These five closet systems not only make getting dressed easier and folding laundry more fun, but you may even find that missing sock along the way.

Closets are the repositories of things we’d rather not face—–skeletons and monsters being just two items on an overflowing list. Piles of mismatched shoes, corners crammed with forgotten frocks, and awkward shelves that are just out of reach all contend for the other reasons why we’d rather keep our closet doors shut.

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Fortunately, there are people and products standing at the ready to help even the most disastrous closets (and their owners). The secret to success, says professional organizer Standolyn Robertson, is to let your habits dictate what kind of closet system you’ll use, rather than allowing a product to force you into an unnatural—–and ultimately unsustainable—–sorting style. If you are a visual learner, use transparent baskets and labels; if you always put your keys on a hook, set up your closet so you can put your bathrobe on a hook, too.

Even with the best advice, choosing a closet system is harder than it may seem. The near-infinite number of results from mixing and matching parts, accessories, and finishes can make reaching a decision overwhelming and comparing prices, apple-to-apple style, close to impossible. Here, with Robertson’s expert help, we walk you through five systems from across the spectrum to highlight what to look for depending on your space situation.


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