An Award-Winning Oregon Cabin Awash in Cozy, Coastal Vibes Seeks $1.77M

Just a three-minute walk from the shore, the Boles Beach House includes a freestanding sauna, a firepit, and a stone patio.
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Location: 49760 Nescove Drive, Neskowin, Oregon

Price: $1,775,000

Architect: Stanley Boles, Bora Architecture

Year Built: 1998

Footprint: 2,048 square feet (three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths), plus 197 square feet (detached sauna)

Lot Size: .17 acres

From the agent: "Known as the Stan Boles Coastal Retreat, this iconic architectural home overlooking the Ghost Forest Beach of Neskowin’s gated South Beach was originally designed by former Bora Architecture principal Stan Boles as a coastal family home. In 2018, Beebe Skidmore Architects designed a striking new sauna and meditation room that was beautifully integrated into the site. This truly special place is brilliantly designed to capitalize on its breathtaking views and the tranquillity that comes with life on the coast."

Tucked away in the wooded Nescove Bluff, the three-bedroom home aligns with a long tradition of Oregon architecture known as northwest regional modernism, made famous by Pietro Belluschi.

"This style was and is influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions and incorporates clean lines, minimal adornment, local materials, and the use of abundant natural light," notes the agent.

The well-equipped kitchen sits adjacent to the main living room.

Custom-built wooden details continue into the home’s bedrooms and baths.

In 2018, the current owners commissioned Beebe Skidmore Architects to design a freestanding sauna and meditation room on-site. They also hired Coyote Gardens to create custom stone walkways.

49760 Nescove Drive in Neskowin, Oregon, is currently listed for $1,775,000 by Jeff Weithman of / (W)here.


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