Spy Vibe: 60s Movie Set Designs

Spy Vibe: 60s Movie Set Designs

Spy Vibe is a new fansite dedicated to the costume and set design of spy and space movies and TV from the 1960s, full of high-quality stills and Youtube clips from movie and TV classics like Our Man Flint and The Thunderbirds—plus the purple-haired divas from my own all-time favorite, UFO.

For design buffs, Spy Vibe is also a nicely curated collection of styles from a time when Modernism begat Mod, and Pop begat Op: This fleeting Technicolor moment in design history quickly turned saccharine and stale, as the Space Age optimism and spy vs. spy romance it reflected crumbled under the weight of Watergate and the muddy realities of the lingering Cold War. But when it was fresh and young, it must have been something to behold. Spy Vibe is full of interior design eye candy from a time before CGI, when costumes were made-to-measure and movie sets were built by hand; check out obscure films like The 10th Victim (1965), with its Op-Art sets and inflatable furniture inspired by Verner Panton, and TV shows like The Prisoner (1967-1968), with its evil-genius riff on Eero Aarnio's Ball Chair.

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