Spruce: Eco-Modernism in the Big Easy
By Miyoko Ohtake / Published by Dwell

What do you hope to achieve through your store?
CM: The goal is to make sure that people know that they have design and building project choices that are eco-friendly. They can make environmentally conscious decisions without sacrificing style.
NJG: We are a carefully curated showroom of eco-friendly products and offer design services and installers to help you get to that goal. New Orleans has a huge trade and craft community. We want to be a resource for whoever walks into our door and is looking for someone to help get a project completed.

Why is New Orleans a good place to open a design store?
NJG: After Katrina everybody was feeling, in a strange way, revived. Everyone is looking to the future and wants to do right. A lot of people moved into town because they wanted to feel the energy of the city.

Is the city ready for modernism?
CM: There was quite an influx of young professionals after Katrina and a lot of them are interested in modern design. A lot of homeowners want to renovate their houses so they are representative of today’s lifestyle and society. That combined with the city’s bohemian nature just lends itself to an appreciation of modernism. With homes that are traditional and historic on the outside you never know what you’re going to find on the inside.
NJG: We also recently had the Prospect.1 show and it was inspiring to see people from New Orleans and all over see these exhibits that were very cutting edge and modern. It makes us all believe that we’re getting off to a very progressive start.

Visit the store at 304 S. Diamond St. in New Orleans’ warehouse district or shop online at sprucenola.com.

Lead image: Spruce coowners Cheryl Murphy and Nomita Joshi-Gupta in their showroom

Miyoko Ohtake


When not writing, Miyoko Ohtake can be found cooking, training for her next marathon, and enjoying all that the City by the Bay and the great outdoors have to offer.

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