Space Living: Astro Home

Space Living: Astro Home

By Bruce Sterling
You’ve known you were destined to dwell in outer space ever since you first saw The Jetsons. So, how do you do that? Your new home will be the International Space Station (ISS), the only place in space that is known to be habitable. So far, the crews of the ISS have included pilots, engineers, scientists, and a few eccentric tech-zillionaire tourists. However, serious people are working hard on cheaper civilian rockets, and the station briefly had 13 people aboard it this year, the biggest space crowd ever. It’s not a fantasy: The place is as real as Poughkeepsie.

Let’s boldly assume you somehow go there. Space travel is a thrilling and difficult junket, like an expedition to Everest. Good people have died going there and died coming back. The trip up and down involves crushing acceleration and many jolts.

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