Solar Decathlon Virtual Tours

Congratulations to #app=f692&325d-selectedIndex=0&95a0-selectedIndex=9">Team Germany for taking the prize, as well as the individual prizes in the Comfort Zone and Net Metering contests. To wander around their design just click #app=f692&325d-selectedIndex=0&95a0-selectedIndex=9">here, and for Illinois, one of the runners up, just click #app=f692&325d-selectedIndex=0&95a0-selectedIndex=14">here. I’m also a fan of #app=f692&325d-selectedIndex=0&95a0-selectedIndex=10">Ohio State’s Sea Ranch-y joint, clad in timber and outfitted with sail-like solar arrays. Good work, teams.

Photo Courtesy of the Solar Decathlon.

Photo Courtesy of the Solar Decathlon.

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