Soft by Molo

Soft by Molo

This year's showstopper at the Montreal International Interior Design Show (SIMID) was without a doubt the Soft collection by Molo. The Vancouver-based company's concept is simple: Create flexible, sustainable spaces by taking advantage of the strength inherent in honeycomb structures.

At the Montreal International Interior Design Show, the Softwalls and Softblocks formed the Molo booth as well as the pathway and wall dividers in the sustainability section.

Despite the thinness of the kraft paper used in the Soft collection, it handily holds a seated adult due to its use of a honeycomb structure to distribute the weight.

At the Montreal International Interior Design Show, the Molo booth provided a heavenly respite for weary attendees.

The entrance to the show was constructed with Molo's Softwalls. The kraft paper creations (made of 50-percent recycled content; the white textile walls are made of 100-percent polyurethane and can weather the outdoors) are modular components that "snap" together with built-in magnets to make circular structions by attaching a module to itself or longer strings that can snake through a space when combined another piece. The Softwalls (and shorter Softblocks) can be stretched or contracted like accordians to fit the needs of the space and at the end of the day, pack up flat.

In addition to the Softwalls and Softblocks, the company also produces Softseating and Softlights. The Softseating takes advantage of the strength of a honeycomb stucture to easily support the weight of, in our case at the show, weary design show attendees--even with thin sheets of paper. The pendant lighting, which at the show hung over a low circular seat, floated above like soft clouds.

On Friday night, the SIDIM awards were announced and handed out by the show and a troupe of trumpeters. Molo was awarded the jury's choice for Product Innovation. For more about Molo, visit


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