Snooze Your Way From San Francisco to L.A. With This New Sleeper Bus

Combining hospitality with transportation, Cabin allows travelers to get some shut-eye while being shuttled from point A to point B.
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Every day, some 48,000 people make the trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Here to make the trip a little more comfortable—and efficient— is Cabin, a new hospitality concept that turns a double-decker bus into a mobile hotel. Guests check in at 11 p.m. and arrive at their destination at 7 a.m. the next day—in the interim, they can sleep in their comfy, private cabins; surf the web with the on-board wi-fi; or chill in the communal lounge. 

Tickets start at $115 each way. While it's possible to fly directly between cities for less, Cabin may be a better option for those who need to get a restful night's sleep on the red-eye trip, those who want to skip the hassle of going to the airport, or those who suffer from anxiety about flying. Now running between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the company hopes to expand destinations soon.




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