Snøhetta Gets Small-Scale with Røros-Tweed
By Kelsey Keith / Published by Dwell
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Note that the blanket's pattern is far from random: when folded correctly, it forms the shape of Snøhetta's logo, taken from the mountain you can see from the firm's windows in Norway. I talked to Warren about the nitty-gritty of collaborating with Røros-Tweed.

How many iterations of the design did it take to yield the final result? 

We were short on time and had to meet deadlines in order to ship blankets in time for the show. It was therefore crucial that we worked within what was realistic within the time frame. Two trips to Røros were made: one to learn about their techniques, the other to test-weave different color combinations. We tested three different combinations of each color for all blankets before settling for the final three variations: male, female, and neutral. 

When folded a certain way, the blanket's pattern looks like the Snøhetta logo.

When folded a certain way, the blanket's pattern looks like the Snøhetta logo.

The blanket shown at ICFF was a prototype; are there any plans to produce them commercially? 

Yes, we have plans to produce them. As we speak, the plans for further collaboration and production of the blankets are being made. 

 How did the Røros/Snøhetta collaboration come about? 

We were in dialogue with Innovation Norway to look at possible design solutions for the ICFF Exhibition stand when Knut Skoe from the Norwegian Furniture Council introduced us to Røros Tweed. Paul Makovsky, from Metropolis curated the exhibition and encouraged the collaboration between us and Røros Tweed.

Kelsey Keith


Kelsey Keith has written about design, art, and architecture for a variety of print and online publications.

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