Share your Small Space!

Share your Small Space!

Dwell's June 2009 issue just landed on our desks and it looks great! We're excited for it to hit your mailboxes and newsstands in just a couple of weeks. The theme this month, "Think Smaller," features four family residences, each measuring under 1,000 square feet. From New York to New Zealand, we found some great examples of design-savvy downsizing that makes compact living not just tolerable, but downright fantastic. Now we want to ask you, readers, to share your own experiences shrinking your space and simplifying your life.
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From now through the end of June, we invite you to send in stories and photos of your tiny homes and apartments and tell us how you designed them to accommodate your families and lifestyles. We'll be sharing them with the Dwell community as they come in, allowing you to see how other design enthusiasts deal with constrained quarters.

CARROLL: ALICE, 1865. Alice grows out of the room: after the design by Sir John Tenniel for the first edition of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".

With environmental and economic concerns on the rise, knowing how to do more with less is critical. If you've rigged a brilliant storage system, found a fabulous source for space-saving furniture, or you simply have a gift for maximizing space and minimizing clutter, show us how it's done!

To send in a submission, go to Enter a short description of how you've made your small space more livable, and be sure to upload a few photos so we can see the results. We'll begin featuring them on our Ideas page shortly—keep an eye out for another post when they go up.

We're looking forward to seeing what you're doing in your own homes, and hope you find inspiration from the homes in the new June 2009 issue.


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