The App That Puts You in Charge When Searching for a Home

The App That Puts You in Charge When Searching for a Home

By Paige Alexus
After just launching their brand in February, Southern California-based brokerage Nook Real Estate has just come out with a new app and web search platform that will change the way homebuyers seek out their dream abodes.

Their Search with Style app refines the process that can sometimes feel overwhelming and cluttered. Not only does it pull together all the information you need when searching for a home, but it also gives you results based on what style of architecture you prefer. This way, it reveals findings that are actually tailored to what you’re looking for, rather than giving you a jumbled selection of unsuitable results.  

When you open Nook’s new Search with Style app, you're given the option to look for properties in your area with a radius search, or fill out a classic search form. Both directions lead to a list of thousands of MLS results—standing for Multiple Listing Service (example shown here). The page scrolls continuously with properties until you decide to filter your search to match the architectural style of your choice. 

The team behind Nook has spent years searching for solutions on how to make the home buying process more design-centered. As a tech company, they've developed proprietary algorithms that make the search-by-style application possible. They’ve also recruited a group of curators made up of architects, interior designers, and other tastemakers who comb through the platform on a regular basis to keep it accurate and focused. 

Today, the Nook search covers 20 design styles including midcentury modern, lofts, cabins, bungalows, and Cape Cods—just to name a few. Though the current service works particularly in California, they’re growing quickly and have their eye on the whole West Coast. For now, you can use the search tool to find homes for sale and for rent throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the Bay area.

Once you choose the region you’re interested in, your desired style, and any other filters, you're given a number of appropriate listings. When you find something you like, you can "favorite" it, send it to yourself or someone else, or send an inquiry to the agent. 

When we spoke to co-founder Derek May, he shared a statistic that around 40 percent of people actually search for real estate on their phones. So, it makes sense that they would develop a live GPS radius search. If you stumble upon a neighborhood that sparks your interest, you can immediately see what’s available in the area.

When you use the GPS radius search, you can discover properties that are currently for sale or for rent in the area you find yourself in. You’re also given the choice to filter the results by price, architectural style, size, and how many days it’s been on the market. 

Along with downloading the app, you can try out the search here.


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