Schoolhouse’s Affordable Globe Pendant Is at Once Retro and Modern
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Schoolhouse’s Affordable Globe Pendant Is at Once Retro and Modern

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By Isabel Scanlon
Attractively priced at $239, the Luna Pendant is the perfect way to bring timeless globe lighting into your home.

Minimal, timeless, and aesthetically pleasing, the globe pendant light is a popular choice for homes, offices, and coffee shops alike—and we, for one, are here for it. Globe lights, however, can be pricey, which is why the Schoolhouse Luna Pendant stands out as a more affordable option—perfect to hang on its own as a tasteful accent, or in a row for a more dramatic effect.

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Depending on how it’s styled, the modest combination of frosted glass and metal can evoke either the romanticism of a warmly lit bistro or the sleek modernism of an industrial loft. Its opaque glass shade obstructs any internal hardware from view and diffuses light in an even, ethereal glow. This unchanging opacity gives the pendant an almost sculptural quality, a serene addition in any room. 

Schoolhouse Luna Pendant Cord with 10" Shade
Schoolhouse Luna Pendant Cord with 10" Shade
Pared down to the elements of line and light, the Luna Collection retains a delicate, sculptural quality that illuminates a room even when unlit. A stylish take on task lighting, the glass shade’s milky finish imparts a moonlike glow.

Portland, Oregon– and Pittsburg–based Schoolhouse Lighting has championed the preservation of American manufacturing since its inception in 2003. Formed after founder Brian Faherty discovered vintage cast-iron glass shade molds and restored them, Schoolhouse has been crafting industrial-inspired lighting and homeware ever since.  

Metal shades are airbrushed in Schoolhouse’s century-old brick factory in Portland, Oregon.  

The vinyl cord and the metal shade can be fashioned in two colors and three finishes, respectively, allowing the pendant to be easily matched to existing fixtures. For only $239, the Schoolhouse Luna Pendant holds its own in any modern space, while harkening back to a golden age of American manufacturing. 

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