Sargam Griffin’s Art Doors Make A Colorful Entrance

Sargam Griffin’s Art Doors Make A Colorful Entrance

Interior doors can be taken for granted. However, they are much more important than some may think.

While doors may appear to be a secondary architectural element, they add a certain style to a home. They are functional, used every day and require regular tactile engagement. There is a relationship with the physical product; it needs to be touched and moved. The interaction opens up an opportunity for making a significant impression.


Sometimes all it takes is a turning point like the New Year to open a new door. Sargam Griffin’s Art Doors serve as functional art. These sliding doors do much more than conceal. In describing her contemporary doors, Sargam says, "Art Doors are a delicate dance of paradoxes; they are sturdy yet fluid in movement. They are light but deep." This philosophy takes on a more thoughtful approach for adding functional art to any space. The intent may be to stir interest or make a space feel more stylistically specific. An Art Door can complete a modest home or compliment a home that is architecturally significant. Whatever the case, contemporary Art Doors transform a space dramatically. 


It is important to identify the interior doors that will make the greatest impact as an Art Door. If there is a tired, dated, overused door, maybe it simply requires a fresh start. Art Doors can take on different configurations including: flush doors, single sided door, two sided door, custom sliding door, or multiple sliding custom doors. The doors can be placed in various spaces, i.e. homes, restaurants, luxury resorts, or commercial office space. There are many possibilities.


Art Doors can become deeply personal. Contemporary door commissions require an intimate exchange between the client and the artist, Sargam Griffin. It is through this engagement Sargam is able to gain a personal understanding of the client’s character, personal story, and the events that shape their life and perceptions. In one experience, Sargam and her client learned of the passing of Leonard Cohen. This event became a part of the commission. Sargam placed Leonard Cohen’s song lyrics into the layers of the paint. While the song may not be seen by the naked eye, it is forever present. The result is unique and special to the client.

Art Doors can become deeply personal.

Functional art, like an Art Door, provides great value. It is utilitarian and artistically significant. A space is transformed and can strike a more personal note. An afterthought can become a contemplation focal point.



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