Robin Wilson Green Cabinets

Robin Wilson Green Cabinets

At this point it's hard to take the term "eco-friendly" at face value. Greenwashing has, unfortunately, become a marketing gimmick as strong as some companies' sincere goal to be sustainable. Understanding what makes a product green can go a long way towards feeling confident that you're making responsible purchasing decisions.
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When trying to determine a product's environmental quality, it's important to know what the materials are, where they come from, how they're processed and how much waste is produced as a result.

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A new line of custom kitchen cabinets by Robin Wilson Home aims to provide the transparency people want when buying green home interiors. Wilson has long focused on green, affordable solutions in her designs, most recently working on the Good Housekeeping LEED certified showhouse in 2008. Her new line is designed with the environment and customer health in mind. She's chosen a manufacturer who is EPC certified and who boasts a zero-waste production process, meaning they're able to recycle 100% of their excess wood and sawdust so that none of it ends up in a landfill.

The wood used to make the cabinets is harvested through sustainable forest programs and Wilson's stains and finishes are all low-VOC, to keep airborne chemicals to a minimum. Once installed, a frameless design helps to maximize cabinet space, adding 10% more interior capacity than a traditional cabinet of the same dimensions, a design that's highly compatible with compact living—another good way to shrink your carbon footprint.


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