Road Trip

Road Trip

Road Trip

It’s time to take out the "trailer trash" because there are some really amazing new interpretations of the iconic caravan out there, with not a mullet hairdo or plaid in sight! There’s nothing more American than a road trip and the idea of getting out on the road and letting things sort out, Singer and Actor and ex mullet wearing Jon Bon Jovi said it best when he said "Map out your future-but do it in pencil. The road ahead is a long as you make it. Make it worth the trip." A road trip is a metaphor of life itself so why not create your trip in as much style as possible. 

 In this current age it’s easy for man to feel a lack of connection with nature, we stay huddled in our bubbles and don’t often take the plunge, A trailer is like a portal to breaking this spell. Brian and Jodi Buzarde who own "Woody" (That is featured here) know what’s it’s like to be forced to burst the bubble. They closed in on their 30’s and were eager to settle down but like many of their generation, neither knew where their fledging careers would take them. So they devised a solution that was unorthodox but practical, and they built a house that could go with them no matter where they ended up.

 On HGTV, there are many shows devoted to the idea of a small mobile home, One show we find fascinating at SMH, Inc is "Tiny House, Big Living" It really sparks a sense of wanderlust as you view folks custom designing a tiny home on wheels for their needs. In a world where rental markets are through the roof and the idea of a young couple owning a home is slimmer, perhaps this is the new solution? 

 For us, the most iconic symbol of the trailer is the classic Airstream who still produce an amazing array of trailers, even custom making models for sale with design focused companies such as Design Within Reach. We drool over the website, it really evokes memories of childhood and the dream of one day owning your own shining (less pink) silver Barbie camper. Trailers represent a dream that for some become a reality. We hope we inspire you to hit the road and think big. 

 We have sourced a lot of these images from Dwell Magazine. 

 In this article designed purely for this blog and the Dwell website. We have suggestions of great things to buy for the trailer from some of our favorite retailers, many of whom are clients and whose products we have used in projects that have proved very successful. We hope you enjoy our shopping guide. All images are credited where possible, Please advise if any images need further credits or details. 

Trailers from another era have a new life and are permanently off road at Hotel El Cosmico in Marfa/ Texas. This picture first appeared in Hotels we Love at the Dwell website.

Photo's courtesy of Airstream An amazing company based in Jackson Center, Ohio. The founder of the company Wally Byam designed the first Airstream in 1929 and they still evoke stylings of the original design 

Left; The amazing Cricket These picture first appeared in Dwell here, Part Tent, Part RV, the NASA inspired Cricket is the go to camper for the modern road tripper. Right: Airy Teardrop Trailer was first seen at Getaway Inspiration at Dwell here. 

Left: With a last minute deadline, Architect Burton Baldridge transformed a decaying trailer into a modern green home for Austin, Texas based club, Stubbs. Baldridge teamed up with Brandon Fustes of Pilgrim Building Company to work on custom furniture including a bar at one end. Image courtesy of Baldridge Architects. This image first appeared at Dwell here.  Right: Our shopping guide to cool suggestions for camping life. 

The amazing "Woody" These images first appeared on Dwell in A Tiny DIY Trailer Home Built by a couple on a budget at Dwell here. 

Left: More suggestions from SMH, Inc for cool camping products.  Right: Interiors of a trailer at Hotel El Cosmico in Marfa/ Texas. This picture first appeared in Hotels we Love at the Dwell website. 



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