RM-3 Episode Two: Logs

In the second episode of our new podcast RM-3, we serve up logs three ways: as pliant plywood, as shakes and shingles, and with a shou sugi ban treatment.
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"When does an architect become an architect?" asks our host Dan Maginn. For many, the fascination with structures and materials started with toy building kits—like Lincoln Logs, created by John Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, around 1916.

The three architects in this episode still work with logs, though in three distinct, vastly creative ways that allow their buildings to harmonize with the landscape, resist weathering—and even capture the feeling of movement and the history of a place.

Tune in to the full episode and see the projects discussed below.

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Featured Guests

Jennifer Yoos, VJAA

For the Minneapolis Rowing Club Boathouse, VJAA used a rhythmic series of roof trusses made out of glue-laminated beams, steel posts, and steel cables. As the angled trusses come together and support the curving, plywood roof structure, they reflect the power and grace of a rower's oar stroke. 

Steel House used digital fabrication for the steel, stone, and wood structure, allowing for complex patterning and ensuring precision.

For Underhill in Matinecock, New York, Bates Masi + Architects worked with a shingle manufacturer to find thinner widths that would exaggerate their lengths, creating a more dynamic facade.

In East Hampton, Georgica Cove by Bates Masi + Architects comprises a series of volumes that reference connected farm buildings.

Step inside Georgica Cove, previously featured on Dwell.

Maziar Behrooz, MB Architecture

In  this episode of RM-3, architect Maziar Behrooz pays a visit to House in the Lanes to see how the charred cypress has aged.

Step inside House in the Lanes, previously featured on Dwell.

Driftwood House in Springs, New York, is made of three pods connected by a bridge, and gradually hides and reveals views for a curated visual experience.

RM-3 is produced by Jonna McKone and Jenny Xie, edited by Jonna McKone, and hosted by Dan Maginn. Special thanks to our guests Jennifer Yoos, Paul Masi, Maziar Behrooz, and Sarah Leavitt. Our theme music is by Slag Ralden, with additional scoring from The Lord of the Flies (1963), The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, Prince's Orchestra, and Sound of Picture.

A vintage Lincoln Log set from the National Building Museum.


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