Q&A: Lucie Koldova Talks About Her Das Haus Concept For imm Cologne

Q&A: Lucie Koldova Talks About Her Das Haus Concept For imm Cologne

Inspired by Bohemian crystal-making and more, the Czech guest designer imagines the 2018 edition of Das Haus.
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German design show imm Cologne fires visitors’ imaginations each year with a conceptual home called Das Haus, set amidst the exhibits from rising talent and established brands. This year’s commission sees Czech designer Lucie Koldova take a fresh approach to the classic ‘house of the future’ idea, showcasing her skills with glass and light, as well as eschewing digital connectivity in favor of friendship and even love. So, what was behind her design?

What was your approach to Das Haus this year? 

Light Levels is the name I have given to my Das Haus commission. Atmosphere and light are what make a home for me. Home is a shelter to recharge. I find inspiration in the real world around me and in my dreams about ideal living. 

My goal was to maintain balance between showing lighting products and poetic symbols, which I find important to illustrate my concept. In other words, light provides a completely new character for every room in the house. 

Can you explain the different zones in the home you have designed? 

I divided the space into zones based on characteristics, which are the Living zone, Relax zone, Inspiration zone, Spirit zone, Dressing zone, and Balcony zone. These zones were inspired by my own personal approach to life. Each zone presents a specific lighting mood and has complementary symbols. These zones invite people to experience varying atmospheres throughout the house. 

Why is light so important to your project? 

Light has been a main topic of Das Haus from the very beginning and I have dedicated myself to working with light for some time now. 

Light is presented in a narrative form. So, I will be showing dialogues between light sculptures, furniture pieces, and accessories. One can see it from a poetic point of view or simply as a new form of light presentation. 

From the beginning, I knew that furniture would complete the individual setups, but light concepts are the essential actors. There are light curtains in the Relaxation zone, geometrical light elements in the Dressing zone, and floating ethereal bubbles in the Inspiration zone. 

Unusually for a concept home, you have abandoned screens and connected technology. What is your thinking? 

I do not consider presenting screens very inspiring or new, as they are everywhere around us. All of us use them every day and they follow us on every step.

It is not just your own work in the house. Which other designers are you featuring? 

I took a good mix of artists and designers from my home country, together with established international companies I appreciate for various reasons. I most like the objects by Castiglioni, the Bouroullecs, and the several pieces from Glas Italia. 

Can you tell us a little about the glass pieces you use in the design? 

Glass is my favorite material, and will be presented in various forms and via several different technologies. Brokis, where I am art director, is a main partner for Das Haus and we will be launching a couple of new designs in the installation. I am honored to present the precious work of Czech master glassmaker František within Das Haus. Rony Plesl is another designer who dedicated his life to glass whose work is on show.

You talk about feelings and emotions in your work. Is this something that you feel is missing from design? 

My aim was to create the concept for a house based on real human values and needs. Home should be the place for sharing love. If I find a good design that resonates with my values and priorities I can feel the positive energy from an object. 

Visit Das Haus at imm Cologne, January 15-28, 2018. 


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