Pursuing the Pillars of Scandinavian Design

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Dwell is excited to announce a partnership to celebrate the pillars of Scandinavian design with Volvo, a company that's been at the forefront of Swedish design and manufacturing since its founding in 1927. Central to the company's design philosophy are the principals of authenticity, authority, and creativity, which are realized through a hands-on design approach that's felt in details ranging from the stitching on the steering wheel to a car's aerodynamic shape.

In the video below, Volvo's interior design director Robin Page shares how Scandinavian design traditions influence his creative process, while still amounting in modern designs. Says Page: "It’s important in design to not only get the architecture and the detailing right, but also the entire ambiance. To hit those senses—the smell, the touch, the feel."

Watch our conversation exploring Scandinavian design develop here. Page will also join Dwell editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron in a conversation at Dwell on Design NY to discuss the pursuit of design authenticity.

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