Promo Daily: Michal Horevaj

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By Anna Goldwater Alexander
Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Michal Horevaj

BUGS! I love this photo/artpiece/artwork/creation/painting/sculpture/metalwork bug thing. The point is, I have no idea what it is, but it made me stop and check it out. It's an incredible photograph of a mutant fly by Michal Horevaj. It struck me because I needed to know what kind of insect that is, then looking further into it—it's not a real bug, it's a result of a piece of art constructed by the brain and talent of Mr. Horevaj, who is represented by Tidepool Reps. I confirmed this by clicking on his website and finding that his forté is indeed conceptual photo illustration—a skill in which he majorly kicks butt in.

Promo Daily: Michal Horevaj - Photo 1 of 1 -

Email photography promo from San Francisco based photographer Michal Horevaj.