Products We Love: Roost Egg Cup

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By Amanda Dameron
We like kicking the tires of smart objects we come across, and filming the results. Today we examine Alessi's egg cup by designer Adam Goodrum.

As an ardent lover of soft-boiled eggs, I like that Alessi's "Roost" egg cup can hold two eggs at a time, and I appreciate the way the two pieces nest together when not in use. You'd never even know it was an egg cup! I was intrigued by the geometric form, but, as is the case with any object that's meant to be used, it doesn't matter what it looks like if it fails in its execution. So I asked to borrow one for a test drive, and the Dwell team filmed a short video at our office. 

Products We Love: Roost Egg Cup - Photo 1 of 2 -

Products We Love: Roost Egg Cup - Photo 2 of 2 -

Verdict? It's a new look for an old need, and it's a clever object that works pretty well. After using it, I do wish the base hugged the egg a bit more, so that it felt more stable and fingers weren't needed to hold it from shifting. But it's still an ingenious little device, so if you fancy one, it can be yours for $48 from Alessi

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Alessi Roost Egg Cup
Alessi Roost Egg Cup
“Roost” egg cup comes from a childhood memory: early-morning egg gathering. The geometric and proportioned shape of the egg. A dual purpose object, just like the very structure of eggs. the sense of surprise and anticipation you feel when you open it are the inspiring concepts behind this double egg cup. Ideal for eating soft-boiled eggs alone or in company: once the two parts have been separated, they can contain two eggs or one egg and its top shell once you’ve cut it off. An object with a fascinating geometry just like the structure of the eggs the designer has taken inspiration from.  Photo courtesy of Alessi

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