Print Workshop

Print Workshop

By Jordan Kushins
A blank canvas can really get the blood pumping. For some, the sight is a beacon. For others, it can be intimidating. Christine Schmidt, founder and creative force behind San Francisco–based studio Yellow Owl Workshop, falls firmly in the former category, but Print Workshop, her first book, is designed to appeal to anyone who’s interested in giving printing a try.

Print Workshop is a trove of fun DIY projects, including this beauteous Aspen Tree Mural.

A crash course in watercolor technique in Print Workshop.

The book starts by laying out the tools of the trade, helpful terms, and various techniques, then segues into 32 projects, all of which are accompanied by a healthy dose of editorial commentary from Schmidt.

Her temperament runs far wide of twee, instead offering conversational insights—a forest scene makes an ideal mural because "just like in nature, any imperfections provide interest to our eyes"—without romanticizing the process ("gigantic fabric stores can seem like their own special version of hell"). From making mobiles to embroidery to photograms, it’s a thoroughly engaging entry into the world of personalization through print.


Print Workshop: Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects
By Christine Schmidt
Potter Craft, $20


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