Preview: The Designer Is In

Preview: The Designer Is In

You know you've got one, tucked deep within your house. Maybe you keep it locked up tight so you don't have to see it. But sooner or later you'll have to confront it: The Problem Room. But the real problem is that we don't have time to step back and see what about that room—or maybe ourselves!—really needs to change. How about some holistic healing for your home? A spa treatment for your spaces? Counseling for your clutter? Remodelista and Curated would like to offer you 25 minutes this weekend to help your interiors find inner peace. So they're offering free consultations from leading designers at The Designer Is: In, a featured exhibition at this year's Dwell on Design.

The excellent online sourcebook Remodelista has paired up with Curated, a design firm located in New York and L.A., to choose an expert panel of leading interior designers from all over Southern California. The designers will be ready to tackle issues ranging from storage solutions to large-scale remodels. Delta Wright, founding partner of Curated, says she was also specifically looking for designers with a wide variety of styles. "It is important to us that the exhibit be a-buzz with personalities and meaningful discussions," she says. "We selected a range of designers based on varying strengths and their ability to define their design philosophy."

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Consultations last 25 minutes and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis by making an appointment. As far as what clients should bring to the table, Wright recommends coming prepared with a detailed description of the design challenge. "In order to efficiently utilize the quick 25 minutes, I recommend they bring prepared list of questions and issues for their designer to tackle," she says. "Printed photos and plans will also be very helpful to the designers."

While the designers will be well-equipped to answer questions about hot modern furniture trends and soothing paint colors, the designers are also prepared to field many requests from clients about how to green their homes. This is somewhere Wright says homeowners need to begin with the basics. "Make sure you are set up to recycle effectively," she says. "Utilize composting and make sure all the light bulbs are low impact and turned off when not in use. Reduce water use. Focusing on these doable and simple things sets the tone for a thoughtful, sustainable lifestyle." After that, says Wright, you can research larger investments like alternative power, and even smarter construction methods. Perfect for when you're ready to take care of that Problem Room once and for all.

The Designer Is: In, sponsored by Remodelista and produced by Curated, is a featured exhibition at Dwell on Design, June 25-27 in Los Angeles. Register now at


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