Preview: Reclaimed Space

Preview: Reclaimed Space

By Alissa Walker
Among the highlights at last year's Dwell on Design was a cozy modular home created by Reclaimed Space, who hauled their one-of-a-kind structure made from reclaimed and repurposed materials all the way from their Austin, Texas, headquarters. The 400-square-foot home was rolled right onto the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, and served as a fitting entrance to the Dwell Outdoor pavilion. Attendees lounged in the comfy confines of Reclaimed Space's weathered wood walls, drooling over each of the fully functional appointments in the modern surf shack.

This year, Reclaimed Space is busy building another home just for Dwell on Design. This year's show home will be slightly larger—28' x 14'—with an extended overhang for a covered outdoor area and a separate bedroom. Since Reclaimed Space uses one-of-a-kind salvaged wood and fixtures, the house itself also comes with an impressive history. Materials ranging from reclaimed galvanized metal to long-leaf pine shiplap were gathered from an 1830s German farmstead home in New Braunfels, Texas, a homestead and barn in Belton, Texas, and its most prestigious address: A Shiner, Texas livery stable built in the 1880s. "It is one of the oldest remaining structures in Shiner," says Reed-Barber. "Well, it was."

Reclaimed Space builds its homes from 80-90% salvaged materials, many of which are taken from dilapidated buildings in the Texas countryside.

But this modular house is also unique due to the fact that it can be purchased from the comfort of your own home: The house, along with most of its furnishings, are for sale on eBay. "Last year when we decided to take a space to Dwell on Design, we also decided that we didn't want to bring it back to Texas," says Kimber Reed-Barber. "We came up with the idea to auction the space off during the convention, both as a way to sell the structure and raise money for charity. Who else would you use to auction other than eBay, everyone knows of them, right?"

This year's Reclaimed Space showhouse is currently being constructed in its Austin, Texas, factory.

Another popular detail from last year will be making a return to the Dwell on Design Reclaimed Space: Zem Joaquin from Ecofabulous will once again be curating the interior space, making all sorts of decisions from paint to appliances to furniture that showcase sustainable goods. "Ecofabulous will have its hand in everything involving the design this year," reports Reed-Barber. "I've heard of a Miami Beach feel with some hot colored appliances!" Ecofabulous also selected this year's non-profit beneficiary of some of the house's proceeds, Global Green. Last year, $10,000 went to Habitat for Humanity. For those hoping to bid on this year's house, you may have some competition. Actor T.J. Thyne, from the Fox show Bones, purchased last year's home for $75,000 and it looks like he is hoping to start a collection, says Reed-Barber. "He intends to find property in California and purchase more Reclaimed Spaces to make a community for family and friends."

Watch Ecofabulous's MODERN LIVING site or follow #ecofabhouse on Twitter for the link to the eBay auction, which goes live on June 24 at 4pm PST.

The Reclaimed Space show home is part of the exhibition at Dwell on Design, happening June 25-27 in Los Angeles. Register now!


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