Here’s a Classic Adirondack Chair That Won’t Break the Bank

Here’s a Classic Adirondack Chair That Won’t Break the Bank

It’s made of recycled materials, it’s colorful, and it's strong enough to hold the weight of two grown adults.

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A design koan of sorts once presented to me goes as follows: a chair is only as comfortable as your next position. This bit of wisdom threw me for a loop—a chair should anticipate my next move by being just as comfortable when I shift positions? As ensorcelled as I was by what I now recognize to be a bit of fluff, this idea plagues me to this day. What makes a good chair and why? Though that is a largely personal question, best answered by your own individual desires, needs, and wants, I’ve found a contender: this colorful, easy, breezy, and beautiful Adirondack chair from Amazon, an overwhelming marketplace chock full of stuff.

Polywood Modern Adirondack Chair (Navy)
Polywood Modern Adirondack Chair (Navy)
Iconic style with a new point of view. Our best-selling Modern Adirondack Chair edits a classic silhouette in clean lines and bold shapes. Designed with a waterfall front, sink-in seat, and wide armrests, this outdoor lounge chair puts relaxation on repeat.

Adirondack chairs are a classic of the outdoor chair genre, but this iteration, made of weather-resistant lumber (yes, that means plastic, but it’s made from old milk jugs) is light years away from the splintery, wooden chairs of yore, eclipsing those relics in comfort and ease of use. What’s also nice is that the design is clean and modern—a lovely complement to your outdoor living space, whatever that may be. A good chair shouldn’t be difficult, and it seems that this one meets that criteria. Please consider the waterfall edge on the seat, which provides a comfy spot for your knees to land, as well as the straight back, which is great for lumbar support.

If this isn’t enough to sway you, let’s take a stroll through the reviews on Amazon. According to that army of outdoor chair enthusiasts, there’s little issue to be had! Of the chair’s durability, one breathless reviewer said "Endured the summer sun and winter weather without fading, chipping, loosening." Thank you to this faceless Amazon reviewer, because there’s truly nothing worse than a chair that breaks after one vigorous outdoor season.

Other reviewers felt moved towards waxing poetic about their new outdoor friend, including this very specific review that speaks to both the design and assembly: "Their proportions are ideal for a small-to-mid size footprint and their clean Shaker-look is distinctive. Easy to assemble, much more substantial than cheap plastic versions, comfortable and a good fit for 5’2" and 5’8" owners. The chair arms are just begging for your cuppa Joe or glass of wine to set upon." 

While it goes without saying to take Amazon reviews with just a dash of Maldon, the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. Other points of interest are purely aesthetic, namely: this chair comes in a bevy of colors. The navy is a crisp update to black, but if your outdoor living space vision skews a little more towards a David La Chappelle photoshoot or something more maximalist, you have options. And at $289, why not?

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