As more and more Americans are quickly discovering, the land beneath our feet is not quite as solid as we thought. Houses slip down hillsides, trees float down rivers, and whole cities disappear under swirling water.

PEC-MAT provides one way to help stem the oncoming tide. The unique green PVC monofilaments roll onto any earthen surface and help tamp down seedlings and sprouts while also protecting more established growth. Designed to withstand water at a force of 20 feet per second and with a shear stress of six pounds per square foot, this flexible material won’t biodegrade nor will it harm your plants; its intent is simply to protect. Just roll it out and spread it over your lawn, parkland, or local floodplain, and it quietly does its job without fuss.

Though it makes no claims to stop your house from sliding down the street, it will help keep your garden in place should a flash flood come through your neighborhood, or shield your prized tomatoes from the ravages of a sudden summer thunderstorm. If only it could deter deer and gophers, it’d be the perfect outdoor material.


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