Origin Stories

"Every project represents a kind of moment,” says designer Edward Barber, reflecting upon the collection he and partner Jay Osgerby have created since starting up their west London studio together in 1996. “It’s a bit like experiencing different smells or music. Each is very reminiscent of a specific time and place.” The pair—who first met during architecture school at London’s Royal College of Art (and since moved their workspace to the east side of the city)—have filled this book with sketches, process shots, and narratives, illuminating the story behind each finished project. The effect is a well-fleshed-out look behind the scenes of how a product comes to be. It also marks the first time Barber and Osgerby have seen all of their creations in one spot. While they maintain that there isn’t a single piece that sums up their aesthetic, we can do it in a single word—impressive.



The Best of Barber Osgerby: We Pick their Greatest Hits


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